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Winter Activities

Ski Club

The Holiday Mountain Ski Club Program is where great skiers begin.  Our philosophy for the Athletes is simple: SAFETY and FUN.

The Goals:

  • To develop the skiing abilities of our Athletes
  • To make skiing a lifelong sport
  • To provide quality training
  • To provide a progression towards competitive skiing – if that is the path the Athlete chooses

Our coaching objective is to provide a nurturing environment where athletes can develop to their fullest potential while being safe and having fun.  We emphasize learning the fundamentals of skiing techniques for skill development. For the Athlete that has never skied, we will get them up the chairlift and down the slope safely within the Holiday Camp week.  (Weather Permitting)  The Athlete will spend the majority of their time free skiing and working on their technique to attain skill mastery. As the athlete’s ability progresses, competition can become a focus.  We use ski racing drills as tools to develop technical skills.  We firmly believe this philosophy produces better skiers and better racers who develop a life-long love for the sport.


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